Lachlan Valley Rams | White Suffolk & Poll Dorset

Lachlan Valley Rams | White Suffolk & Poll Dorset


Easy lambing, good fat cover and excellent meat yield mean our White Suffolks are ideal for Merino ewes.


Our performance Poll Dorsets are most suitable for 1x ewes. Easy lambing, leaner and heavily muscled.



Brothers Alan and Ian Sharrock are the Principals of Lachlan Valley Rams.

Ian Sharrock

Ian and daughter Susie farm at Bribbaree on a 10,000 acre cropping and sheep enterprise.

Ian is in semi - retirement and lives in Young. Susie Sharrock has taken over the management of the farm. Ian and Susie have 6,000 Merino ewes half mated to Merinos and half to White Suffolks . The WS first cross lambs are sold as heavy lambs and regularly bring top prices at saleyards. The White Suffolk stud is at Bribbaree. White Suffolk and Poll Dorset rams are available at Bribbaree and Forbes.

Ian has dedicated many years to restoring and beautifyin the farm, planting many thousands of trees, improving soils and pastures.


Alan Sharrock

Alan is a veterinary surgeon and has a small farm “Mingar” at Forbes. Alan has been a rural vet for longer than he cares to remember but has recently retired. Alan enjoys the genetics of sheep breeding especially the Lamplan tools for genetic gain. All the Poll Dorsets are at “Mingar”

Ian Murphy

Ian has been a member of the Bribbaree farm management for many years.  Ian is heavily involved in the White Suffolk breeding program.

Outside the farm Ian helps run the Bribbaree show and horse events at the Bribbaree showground.





Ian Murphy 0427 026 383
Ian Sharrock
  0428 832 298


Alan Sharrock 0427 511 397